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Starting in 2016, the Honorees will receive an award named in honor of Peter A. Thomas, the 2014 Honoree, the most listened to voice in Broadcast history!

Peter lived in Naples and passed away in May 2016.

Respectful of, and dedicated to, the preservation of basic human rights, U.S.Marine Veteran Mike Trephan, the founder of Honor The Free Press, and a group of U.S. Marine veterans and community leaders from Naples, sought a platform by which to underscore the importance of a free press.  It is the commitment of Honor The Free Press to pay tribute to the devoted men and women who put forth fact and opinion through their books, journals, videos and photographs.
Regardless of the medium, the news must be presented in a fair, factual and unbiased manner.  Hence, our mission is to reinforce and preserve this cherished principle:  Without a free press, the very fabric of our governance and way of life is jeopardized.

Since 2005, Journalists from divergent backgrounds have eagerly participated in the annual “Honor The Free Press Day” to express points of view and experiences in pursuit of true and accurate reporting, while preserving the sacred presentation of facts, not just comment. 

Freedom is the centerpiece and underpinning of our country, our heritage and our democracy.  In a constitutional republic, freedom must guarantee basic civil liberties guided by the rule of law while recognizing and honoring the will of the people.
Our Constitution, framed in 1787 and ratified in 1789 is the cornerstone of our nation and the fundamental law of the land.  Our "Bill of Rights," the first ten amendments to the constitution, was added in 1791 as an added assurance to protect the rights and liberties of the people. 

The First Amendment prohibits the abridgement of free speech and a free press, thereby shielding us from government censorship and rule by tyrannical majorities.